Second Opinions

Why a Second Opinion?

Chemical Dependency Evaluation Recommendations are often not client-centered and do not take into account your wants and needs. Worse yet, recommendations are often excessive and inappropriate. This is because, as the pioneering report Addiction Medicine: Closing the Gap between Science and Practice makes clear, evaluators that provide initial recommendations are often not equipped with the knowledge, skills, or credentials necessary to make appropriate recommendations. Additionally, evaluators are often biased and recommend out-of-date treatments - instead of the best treatment available throughout MN currently.

The good news is that you are entitled to a second opinion so make sure to choose a knowledge medical professional.

Who is a knowledge medical professional capable of a second opinion?

Your best bet is to work with Michael ( click to call him at 1-612-249-3656). Michael is a Harvard-trained evaluator who works throughout Minnesota and can meet you at a time and place that is most convenient to you. Michael has experience crafting new recommendations from scratch that are tailored to your wants and needs, that are the least intensive for your situation, and that are the most beneficial.

Michael will work with 3rd parties, such as probation agents, to ensure they support your second opinion.